Not Dead (yet)

by Nelson Gatlin

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these are songs I wrote in 2014, a year I had a lot of trouble understanding what I was all about.


released August 30, 2016

harmony vocals on Dead End by Liz Hagen
second arm on the cover by Andrew Hynes
everything else by Nelson Gatlin



all rights reserved


Nelson Gatlin Foley, Alabama

Nelson Gatlin is a musician from Foley AL.

I write songs about things that I am going through or things that I have been through.

I also produce music under the name AGGRESSOR.
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Track Name: Dead End
So when's the next one coming out? I really like your songs,
I listen to you all the time when I'm driving in my car,
Did someone break your heart, are you really all that sad?
You seem alright to me and like you're doing pretty well

I think I should be going, I've got streetlights to scale,
In the late evening dusk fallen on city streets,
We're walking to a dead end,
I think that we should just be friends

Welcome to the party, you've got a pretty face,
Your hair looks really soft and I heard you were a genius.
I like the way you talk and I like the things you say,
You should tell us all a story in your melancholy way.

I think you are mistaken, I don't see what's so interesting,
I don't know many stories and nobody's ever listening,
To them anyway,
But I've got a few songs that I could play.

I've got a few songs that I could play.
Track Name: 2014
Loneliest is still the best, I dwell on my affections,
I seek only perfection, I seek only perfection,
Loneliest is still the best, I dwell on your afflictions,
I seek only addiction, I won't become your addiction,

But you've got a nice face and I'd wondered where you've been,
You've got a nice place, I'd like to see it again.

Some days of rest, I'll make the best, I sound like good intentions,
I've got only bad intentions, I've got only bad intentions,
Winter dress, we look the best, we're college and invention,
It's creative intervention, it's a fucked up world we live in,

But you've got a nice face and I don't care about redemption,
I'm boldly misplaced, I am bold, at the doors I'll be let in

Loveliest, this is not a test, it's life and it's conviction,
I'm not the chicken, I'm the drunk man, and I'm knocking over trashcans,
With my fists locked, my head rocked, I am high as hell,
And I'm spinning out,
Nothing falls at my feet so I'll stop standing in the rain,
Like some idiot, waiting for water to turn into wine,
And where the hell have I been?
Track Name: Forget My Name / a picture of...
Step alone through the night, all the way into day,
It's morning light, it's morning light,
Travel light on my own, with a knife and a phone,
It's break of day, it's break of day,
Steal away, steal away

Make my way to the shores of a beach two towns away,
I'm walking sand like shattered glass,
Say goodbye to my father, throw my phone into the water,
Who needs friends anyway?

Forget my name, forget my name,
Lay on me all the blame,
I ain't nice I just like to smile,
As your teardrops stain the tile.

In my mind I'm drawing curtains,
I want to sail my bathtub across the ocean,
But I know that I'm not clean,

I'm turning lights off in my house,
Kiss my best friend on the mouth and tell her,
Hell, I can't leave.

I can't leave.
Track Name: Black Label
The last I saw you, not in a dream,
Outside the bookstore drinking coffee and cream,
We said hello while my heart stopped,
On my way past the coffee shops,
To my car, to head back home,
Spent the night all alone,

Is it sad? Is it sad?

The last I found you, in my mind,
My skinny fists raised to the sky,
Two years ago, and still so young,
I drank all night to kill the boredom,
I buried my first victim at 21,
She had no jeans, but a mask on,

And I feel bad, we both knew it was the best we ever had,
But I still dream, I wrote that song when I was 19- and alone,

Here I am, still waiting,
I've killed that anxious part of me,
I said it was fate that night in my dream,
When you asked why you ran into me,
Would it be like that if I saw you again?
On the doorstep or in the sand,

Man, ain't it strange? How things all change and I am still the same,
But I still dream, I wrote that song when I was 19- and alone,
Yet I've fallen right back to where I was,

Man, ain't it strange? Man ain't it strange?
How people change but I am still the same,
It was fate and I am still the same,
I still dream and I am still the same- always.